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If you are a public information officer at a university or other research organization, and would like to submit your news releases for posting on Tarumitra, please email them to:

[email protected]

Alternatively, you may add this email address to your institution’s news listserv or other email distribution. We do not charge for posting from universities and other academic or non-profit organizations.

Please note that we cannot guarantee posting of all the releases we receive, since we try to select those which we think would be of most interest to our readers. Basically, that means any new research finding (especially those tied to a peer-reviewed journal article) or description of a new or newsworthy research project. What we tend not to carry are releases about grant awards (unless the main thrust of the release is about the science, and not just an acknowledgement of the amount and source of the award), appointments, honors, meeting notices, or administrative announcements.

Our audience includes journalists, but our readers are mainly students (from high school to graduate level), researchers, and other members of the public interested in science. In other words, we try to select stories that would have the widest possible appeal to such a diverse readership.

Also, please note that we currently do not have any special area for uploading news releases that are still under embargo (say, for viewing only by registered journalists). You are welcome to email us releases under embargo (which should be clearly indicated on the release), but we will not post them until the embargo has expired.

Thank you for your interest in Tarumitra. We look forward to receiving your releases!

— Joseph Culpepper, Editor