Tarumitra Commissions Organic Farm

Patna. 22 Dec: Hundreds of students from St. Joseph’s, May Flower,  Don Bosco, J.N Public and A.N College gathered together at the Tarumitra Farm to watch the Secretary of the Deptt.  Urban Development Dr. S. Sidharth showering flowers of blessing on their Organic ranch.


Putting in  hard work for two years the students raised good crops of Potatoes, rare rice varieties and many vegetables in the farm resorting totally to organic methods of cultivation. “We wanted the Government to appreciate our hard work” said Shweta from St .Joseph’s explaining the rationale of the event.

“The Organic Farm was our cherished dream for two years,” said Nidhi and Shubhangi from class 9 of Don Bosco who laboured in the rice field several days. Trained in Japan in Organic Farming, Ms Margaret Molomoo co-ordinated the first ever cultivation of Organic rice by hundreds of students in Bihar. Four students of A. N College, Ghatta, Neha, Divakar and Vikash put in eight hours of work for three months to cultivate the rice.

As part of the Commissioning of the Farm, the students also launched an Eco-friendly toilet complex which will be a supplementary source of organic  manure for the farm. Class XII student from St. Joseph’s Shweta Marandi cut the ribbon in front of the large gathering of students and inaugurated the complex. Sponsored by WASH Institute, Patna, the Toilet complex has been the first such initiative in the entire State. “We want to build hundreds of them in Bihar” said the CEO of WASH Institute Prakash Kumar. It may be mentioned that WASH Institute spent five lakh rupees to put up the pioneering complex at Tarumitra.

Earlier the students watched a film by Aamir Khan which dealt with the issues of pesticides in food. The students were served fresh home-gorwn Mirchaiya rice preparations at the end of the program. Sr. (Dr) Mudita Sodder presented the story of Organic Farming done entirely by the students of the State working in tandem with Interns from South American and European countries.

Twenty MCJ Sisters with their Provincial Sr. Mary Lobo and Sr. Jessy participated in the event. The group has been at Tarumitra Bioreserve for a month long training program for Junior Sisters hailing from different states of India and abroad.

Present also were Rajeev Ranjan, Sanjeev Kumar, Kanchan Pathak, D.N Prasad, Vikash Kumar, Neha Bharti, Ghatta, Divakar and Margaret Molomoo.

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