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Central American Students trail blaze in Bihar!

Patna. 23 March: Four students of Agriculture and Environment from Zamorano University Honduras have been pioneering a trail on a campaign to conserve electricity in Bihar. Ms Yanira Pech from Belize (L) Nivaro Cerceno from Panama, Alberto Quintana from Mexico and Luis Huezo from El Salvador joined Tarumitra in the first week of January 2011.
Guided by their perceptive and understanding guide, Professor Martha Calix, the four arrived with a plan to do internship at the Tarumitra Bioreserve in Patna for the ensuing four months. After some bouts of brainstorming it was suggested to organize a pioneering campaign on the conservation of electricity.

Alberto, Yanira, Luis and Nivardo

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More Festivity with Less Electricity: Tarumitra students plead for Puja time

More Festivity with Less Electricity: Colors and lights on Divali alpana

Patna. 9 Oct: Hundreds of Tarumitra students hailing from Patna schools took out a rally in Digha area asking people not to waste electricity during the Puja festivals. ”One unit of electricity produces one kilo of carbon dioxide” shouted the students at the march. They carried placards with the message, Puja Zyada Bijali Kum “More festivity with less electricity!”

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