Name : Aayush Babu
Class : 10th
School : Don Bosco Academy, Patna.

Today we all know that we are suffering from an extremely contagious and viral phenomenon ‘COVID – 19’. But it’s not just covid-19 that has shaken the human race this year in fact there were many more disasters and catastrophes taking place this year such as ‘The Australian Bush fire’, ‘Earthquake in Turkey’ and talking about our country, the ferocious ‘Amphan’ that left no stone unturned in instilling fear and chaos and so did the cyclone Nisarga. But our togetherness and fellowship has kept us intact and our conviction of a better future, firm. Every night always precedes dawn and thus we should not forget that if there is a negative side there will be a positive side too. During this pandemic, our policemen, doctors and health workers are doing there job and completing their duty and so are we by doing our bit and staying at our homes. The positive side is that because of the global lockdown the pollution level has decreased and there is an advent of peace among the biodiversity. Cities such as Patna, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi which were rated red zones for their pollution level are now in green. The world population has also decreased ( due to death of the COVID – 19 patients ) which is a grave and profound loss but the silver lining to this cloud shows hope for sufficient and a frugal use of the natural resources in the future .Organisations such as Being Human, Smile Foundation and people like Mr. Sonu Sood showed us the true picture of mankind and the fact that happiness lies in uplifting each other and that it’s the only way to overcome global catastrophes.
Henceforth, if we all stay together and lend a helping hand in every way we can, we can overcome the perils and step towards a happy, safe and green earth.

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