Engineers of the Bihar Government promise to save electricity

Patna 26 March 11: The Engineering Staff of the Bihar State Road Development Corporation (BSRDC) along with the Chief Pratyay Amrit IAS spent a day at an Eco-sensitization program at Tarumitra Bio-reserve.

Engineers of BSRDC taking a study tour of Bio-diversity

The group arrived by ten in the morning and spent time on the issues of ecology till 4 PM. They were taken through two sets of PowerPoint presentations on an eco-friendly way of living life in the modern times. Bio-diversity as the pillar of life appealed to them especially when they took a tour of the campus.
A team led by Shweta Marandi, the Hero of the Month of the United Nations, along with Sankriti of Carmel school unlocked before the assembled engineers a well prepared presentation on the need to conserve electricity. Shweta quoted what the deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi said earlier in a public meeting that the biggest problem of the State was power supply. She reminded them that the State needed to produce 80% more electricity in the coming decade. Since coal linkages were not available, the State neither was able to produce the required energy nor in a situation to purchase more power from elsewhere.

Shweta keeping the Engineers spell-bound with her intense campaigns for saving power!

As a person who helped to organize the outing to the Bio-resever, R.P Singh felt that it was the need of hour that all the staff of his department make every effort to conserve the power. Brajesh Mishra felt that Shweta and Sanskriti were doing something which has touched his heart and he promised to save electricity in his office. Neeraj Saxena who co-ordinated a similar workshop when he was working at the State Bridge Construction Corporation said that he kept of pushing the agenda in the past one year with some visible success in his department. He also said that people were careless in many departments on the use of electricity since the bills are paid by the State. Jyoti Srivastava promised to keep reminding his colleagues on the need to push the campaign to other areas of their work.

Engineers taking a serious look at the Solar devices

The Corporation Chief and Secretary to the Bihar Government, Pratyay Amrit thanked the girls for their initiative and promised to support them in other departments of the government. He joined a well prepared vegetarian meal along with his staff and later toured the campus stopping by the bottle house under construction.

Tarumitra team with the Secretary of the Road Construction Dept, Sri Pratyay Amrit IAS (center)

Shweta and Sanskriti wants to reach out to many other departments of the Government of Bihar. Earlier she addressed the Bihar Bridge Construction Corporation which gave her assurance of co-operation. “A big chunk of the total electricity supply to the State capital is consumed by the administration” said Sanskriti.

Shweta earlier addressed a meeting of the Engineers of the Bihar Bridge Construction Corporation

Present also were Rajesh Kumar, Chiranjeev Kumar , D.N Prasad, Kanchan Pathak, Margaret Molomoo, the volunteers from Zamorano University Honduras Yanira, Alberto, Nivardo, Luis and Fr. Robert Athickal S.J

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