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Ecology in Theological Studies

Thirty seven students of the graduate program of studies (B.Th) of Vidyajyoti Institute of Religious studies, Delhi attended a week long exercise on eco-theology 18-22 Feb 2013.

Theology in India means an investigation into one’s faith, mimansa broadly, to seek answers to many contemporary questions of our times. Robert Athikal S.J, from Tarumitra animated the workshop.

The broad context of the workshop has been the basic idea that Asians generally are religious in their upbringing and life. Tarumitra’s attempt has been to connect effectively the conservation of the planet to one’s Faith.

Both World Wide Fund (WWF) and United Nations have been attempting to high light the connections between Faith and Conservation in the past. Many have commented positively on their attempt.


Vidyajyoti College is situated in the proximity of the University of Delhi

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Vanishing Rice varieties celebrated at Makar Sankranti

Patna. 14 Jan:  Over a hundred students, their parents and  teachers assembled at Tarumitra Bio-reserve in Digha to celebrate the vanishing rice-varieties on the rice festival of Makar Sankranti.

MS Karishma compering

Educationist, Fr. Tom Karthanam lit the traditional lamp to initiate the celebrations along with the Director of May Flower, Dr. Jairam Sharma and Ms Karishma Das   from Don Bosco Academy. Speaking on the occasion Karishma of class 9 said that most of the traditional rice churas  “flattened rice” has disappeared from the market entirely. “Hardly can we collect more than three to four varieties of flattened rice” said she.

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It is harvesting and threshing time at Tarumitra!‏

Tarumitra students have been  busy with the Organic Farming right from the Monsoon earlier this year.
All the three varieties of rice they planted were reported to be on the verge of extinction. Students from KR High School, Bettiah under the leadership of Sadrey Alam collected the seeds of Mirchaiya and brought them as a gift to Tarumitra at the end of the last summer camp. Four Interns from A.N College helped out to plant the rice-seedlings following the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) way. An average of 250 grains per ear is considered a very good yield in the first year of the organic cultivation.
The Mirchaiya rice has become the talk of the visitors here since the yield has been very good.
The students from different schools took turns to harvest the rice. The last batch of harvesting would  be done by 27 November Mount Carmel girls.

Hartman Girls engaged in Mirchaiya Rice  Harvesting

Honduran Zamorano University Students promoted solidarity with Indian students

Patna. 30 April: Four students from the Honduran University of Zamorano just completed a four month long Internship at Tarumitra today. Hazel Guadalupe Valasco Palacios (El Salvador), Paulina Leticia Camacho Ruiz (Mexico), Andrea Lucrecia Gongora Fión (Guatemala) and Samuel Oblitas Vega (Bolivia) spent a fruitful time working with the Tarumitra teams across the whole country.

Paulina, Samuel, Hazel and Andrea in front of the Tajmahal

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Winter marches in: Time to think of the Earth again

XIM (Jabalpur) plans to Save Electricity in the campus

Jabalpur 1-2 Dec: 150 Postgraduate Management students of Xavier Institute of Management Jabalpur (XIMJ) spent two days on the Ecological Dimensions of Management. Led by the Director Fr. Ranjit Tigga S.J, along with the head of the Ecological department, Fr. Sebastian Lakra SJ, and a core-group of students they organized the Seminar on Ecology in the newly added Loyola Hall in the roomy campus.

Impressive venue: Loyola Hall of XIMJ

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Tarumitra Students at the U.N Tunza Conference in Indonesia

Bandung.Indonesia Oct 1: The UN Conference of Children and Youth, broadly termed as Tunza (African word for Caring) took place in the historical city of Bandung in Indonesia 27 Sept to 1 Oct 2011. The purpose of the series of Tunza conferences has been to foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens.19 participants from Tarumitra were chosen this year on the basis of their personal and group projects to promote ecological sensitivity among their peers.

The 19 member Tarumitra Delegates in front of 1500 Delegates from across the Globe

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Engineers of the Bihar Government promise to save electricity

Patna 26 March 11: The Engineering Staff of the Bihar State Road Development Corporation (BSRDC) along with the Chief Pratyay Amrit IAS spent a day at an Eco-sensitization program at Tarumitra Bio-reserve.

Engineers of BSRDC taking a study tour of Bio-diversity

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