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It is harvesting and threshing time at Tarumitra!‏

Tarumitra students have been  busy with the Organic Farming right from the Monsoon earlier this year.
All the three varieties of rice they planted were reported to be on the verge of extinction. Students from KR High School, Bettiah under the leadership of Sadrey Alam collected the seeds of Mirchaiya and brought them as a gift to Tarumitra at the end of the last summer camp. Four Interns from A.N College helped out to plant the rice-seedlings following the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) way. An average of 250 grains per ear is considered a very good yield in the first year of the organic cultivation.
The Mirchaiya rice has become the talk of the visitors here since the yield has been very good.
The students from different schools took turns to harvest the rice. The last batch of harvesting would  be done by 27 November Mount Carmel girls.

Hartman Girls engaged in Mirchaiya Rice  Harvesting